Leigh Alexander just put up a great piece on Gamasutra about two games inspired by Future and Kanye West respectively. I love this description of Kanye Zone:

Of course, there's not too much to gain from literal analysis of a boast from rap royalty. But in their game Kanye Zone, Barlow and Fredrickson decided to conceive the "zone" as a physical space, and the player as someone mechanically taking Kanye's warning to heart, disallowing him from the zone. In a way, it's the complete opposite of the "I Won" game: a game about literal achievement is cynical, but one that makes an abstract expression mechanical is funny. Add to that the fact that "zone" is already well-understood as a games vocabulary word; classic platformers all have different "zones," with their own unique climate and challenges. Imagine a Kanye Zone.


"I wish there were more video games about and encompassing hip hop," she concludes. "Something has to live on the spectrum between cynical indulgence of a man like Kanye West and just finding him funny, right? Until we find it, definitely play Kanye Zone instead of I Won."

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