How To Take And Share Photos In Tomodachi Life

Tomodachi Life is a single-player game, but a big part of the fun of playing it comes from being able to share all your Miis and the whacky things they say and do. I'm pretty slow when it comes to figuring out how anything vaguely technological works, though, so it took me a while to figure out how to do that. If you're like me, here's a few quick tips.

-The game offers up a tutorial for how to snap photos early on, so that part shouldn't be too tricky. Literally all you have to do is press the "Y" button whenever you want to and it'll snap a photo—usually just of the bottom screen.


-Keep that last part in mind, however. For some annoying reason, the game doesn't switch to snapping photos of the top screen usually, which makes it hard to capture many of the game's ridiculous cutscenes.

-Also, be wary of the timing. If a Mii says something silly, you can capture it but only if you act fast.

-The Miis act like real humans when it comes to having their photos taken: they fidget, open their mouths, and close their eyes. You'll probably end up with a few awkward candid moments you didn't mean to capture.

-You can share photos straight through the game by clicking on the image sharing icon:


This syncs up with the 3DS operating system, which you can sync up with Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter in turn. Keep in mind that using this feature will just post the pictures to your social media accounts, it doesn't store or curate them in the game or anything like that.

-The images are also saved on your SD card, however. So if you're like me and you want to get a bunch in bulk and tweak them a bit, you can just pop that into your computer and import them directly to your desktop.


-Remember: this is a 3DS game, the images are pretty tiny (320 pixels wide). I've been exporting them onto my computer from the SD card and then using iPhoto to resize them a bit so they fit with Kinja's specifications, but the same goes if you want to share on Tumblr and other image-heavy sites.

Have fun!

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